Jumbo Jack Time!

Okay everyone, the 49ers need a win very badly. First and foremost I must say that I am impressed how they hung tough in Seattle. It hurt to be so close and lose but it also reassured me that the defense will be the bright spot for the 49ers this season.

In regards to the offense, running backs Carlos Hyde and Matt Breida did a great job! Kyle Shanahan will look like a genius if Breida pans out to be a solid running back.

The 49ers will host the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night and this is a game the 49ers MUST win. But lets face it, both teams will have the same game plan: jam the box and force the quarterback to beat you.

Which quarterback will prevail? Hoyer or Goff?

Either way we need the 49ers to score two touchdowns because I want you Niner fans in the Bay Area to get a free Jumbo Jack!

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